Team and player development is managed by Director of Coaching - Tony Wright, a former player for the Milwaukee Kickers Majors and a USSF "A" licensed coach.

Every member of the fully licensed coaching staff is totally committed to the long-term process of player development. The staff works together as a team and is excited to help all the players and teams in the club. We work hard to develop and challenge all of our players, building a foundation for success in a family friendly, fun environment where the players are challenged and pushed hard while enjoying the development process.

Director of Coaching - Tony Wright

  • USSF A License
  • Head Coach: U20 Women's National Champions, 2001
  • 2002 WYSA Coach of the Year
  • Former ODP Staff Coach, 2003
  • Coached Youth teams to 24 WYSA State Championships
  • Coached Pius XI Girls to 1997 and 1998 WIAA State Championships
  • Former player - Milwaukee Kicker Majors


Coach License
Andy Albright USSF D
Nathan Andrew USSF C
JC Banks Grassroots
Michael Bell USSF D
Julie Bernhardt USSF C
Matt Boller USSF D
Ben Brereton USSF C
Dan Brice USSF D
Tim Bruner USSF C
Ryan Buda USSF D
Mark Dierks USSF C
Molly Bakker USSF C
Erdi Engin USSF C
Brian Feyrer USSF B
Dan Gauge USSF D (GK)
Aaron Hohlbein USSF E
Michael Hook USSF B
Sam Julian USSF C
Jim Launder USSF A
Jose Lopez USSF D
Chris Martinelli USSF C
Laura Marx USSF C
Luke McClyman USSF C
Nate McCorvie USSF D
Kate Megna USSF C
Andy Moll USSF C
Ryan Mooney USSF F
Eric Nordeng USSF C
Nick Pasquarello USSF A
Dave Perkins USSF C
Ian Popkewitz USSF D
Liz Pretto USSF F
Ian Ritz USSF D
John Reddan USSF A
Jacob Sattler USSF D
Megan Schroeder USSF C
Bubba Schultz USSF D
Kelly Severson USSF D
Ryan Uphoff USSF D
Carly Vogel USSF E
Alyssa Weymier USSF E
Tim Wszalek USSF C
Bee Xiong USSF B