Message to Members

At this time, we remain optimistic that the season will continue following this initial hiatus. The organizations that govern our league play, including WYSA, US Soccer, US Club Soccer, MAYSA, etc., and the organizations that host tournaments have all shared tentative plans to resume play in late April. However, we recognize that these organizations are all monitoring the same guidance that we are, and additional changes may be required. We will continue to communicate with these organizations throughout the next few weeks. Please understand that, due to the ever-changing nature of this pandemic, future events can be canceled or adjusted at a moment’s notice.

What’s Next?

The Board will be monitoring the latest developments on a daily basis and meeting at least once a week. We will provide updates via the typical channels: Madison 56ers website, email, and our social media outlets.

We understand the unique challenges that the recommendations for social distancing present for healthy, active families. However, we ask that everyone respect the public health expert guidelines designed to help prevent the spread of the disease, protect the most vulnerable in our community, and allow our medical professionals to better manage limited time and resources.

PLEASE do not organize team gatherings or practices on your own. Madison 56ers coaches will be sharing activities that players may do individually to keep up their skills and fitness.


All answers based on most recent information available and are subject to change based on the fluid nature of this public health emergency.

  • Q: When will the season resume?
    A: We are following the dates set by the governing associations and hope they can resume on the dates currently set for returning to action. See the Spring Season Events List (updated March 30th) for current status and dates.
  • Q: Will leagues be played in their entirety (All leagues – Local and Regional)?
    A: At this point the governing associations are planning to fit in the entire season by extending play into late June / early July. This may change if season start dates are further delayed.
  • Q: Tournaments – Will they proceed as planned?
    A: Tournaments are organized by local clubs. Ultimately it is up to each club to determine whether they will cancel their tournament, but we anticipate most will follow the guidelines of their governing associations who, in turn, are monitoring the latest public health advisories.
  • Q: Will Madison 56ers be refunded by the governing associations for tournaments or League games not played?
    A: It's simply too early to tell. This is uncharted territory, and we recognize organizations need time to assess the overall impacts of this crisis on their operations. We are not yet discussing the potential for refunds from governing associations.
  • Q: Will the Madison 56ers refund the members if the season is shortened or canceled?
    A: The board is actively discussing the financial impact of COVID-19 to its staff and members. We are awaiting the final timelines for the spring season before making any decisions. We appreciate your patience as we continue to monitor and work through this situation.
  • Q: When will we be able to start training again?
    A: We plan to resume training as soon as Governor Evers and the Wisconsin Department of Health agree it is safe to lift the ban on mass gatherings and resume the school year.
  • Q: If one of our team's scheduled tournaments was canceled, will the club look for a replacement tournament at a future date?
    A: Our first priority will be to reschedule league games. As soon as these schedules are set, we will evaluate tournament options.