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There is a lot to consider when deciding where to play youth soccer. The information below is designed for you to learn about our club and what it’s like to play for the 56ers. If you have any questions, contact the Director of Coaching, Tony Wright, at 56ercoachingdirector@gmail.com or (414) 732-0280.  For more information on tyrouts, visit our tryout page.

Informational Sheets:


The Madison 56ers Soccer Club was created in 1956 and has earned success at all levels of play including:

  • 36 Youth State Championships
  • 4 Youth NPL Division Championships
  • 1 Men’s National Championship
  • 6 Men’s State Championships
  • 4 Men’s Region II Championships
  • 4 NPSL Midwest Championships
  • 3 Women’s State Championships

Today the club is committed to developing its players by providing the most sophisticated soccer environment available in the state. Team and player development is managed by Director of Coaching – Tony Wright, a former player for the Milwaukee Kickers Majors and a USSF “A” licensed coach.

Our objective is to develop a stable youth soccer career for players of all ages. We are firmly dedicated to providing a soccer environment that will allow every player to learn and grow to the best of their abilities.



  • Players must realize that the 56ers program demands a high degree of commitment and is dedicated to excellence. Our goal is to provide training that is the highest level of elite and developmental training anywhere in the country.
  • In-season trainings are mandatory. Players should not expect to play unless they attend each scheduled training with their team or a substituted training with another team. Trainings during the fall and spring seasons will be held 2-4 times per week. Winter trainings will be held 1-2 times per week, and though they are not mandatory, are recommended in order to ensure continuous development.
  • Individual training is an integral part of the development process, and players are expected to train outside of the team environment. Behind every successful player is a genuine passion for the game.
  • Players must be prepared to learn, compete, and work hard in every training. Players must bring the proper equipment – a ball, shin guards, and water to every training.
  • Players must always show respect for authority figures-coaches, trainers, referees, administrators, and, above all, parents. Character is as important to success as performance and ability.


  • Matches are one of the many important components of development, and provide the players with another environment to learn and improve. The club will seek out the highest level of competition appropriate for each team to ensure continuous individual development.
  • Players are given specific objectives and responsibilities every game, and as such, parents are implored not to coach during the match from anywhere on the field. The bench area is for the team and approved coaching staff only. Parents must stay away from the players’ bench area under all circumstances-no exceptions. Remember the game is for the kids. Do not impose yourself on the game:
    1. Do not coach from the sidelines.
    2. Never argue or shout at referees.
  • Remember that you are a representative of the Madison 56ers soccer club. Every member of the club must conduct themselves properly at all times. The club and the coaches will not tolerate embarrassments or indiscretions at any games or tournaments.

Parent/Family Responsibilities

The following are mandatory expectations for families/parents of players in the Madison 56ers Soccer Club. The Madison 56ers Soccer Club has a paid coaching director, coaching staff, and office administrator. The rest of the Club’s initiatives are volunteer-staffed. All families must participate in volunteer activities or pay a fee to opt out. Download more information on the volunteer program.

The club expects all families to volunteer 9 credits of time throughout the year. Those families that do not meet the 9 credits will be billed at the end of the year for credits not served. The rate will be $25 per credit up to $225 per family. These credits and rates are in line with what other competitive clubs require. Some opportunities to help the club are listed below.

Volunteer at the Fall Madison 56ers Tournament: All families should volunteer a minimum of 3 hours (or credits) at the fall Madison 56er tournament, which is the Madison 56ers biggest fundraiser, and participation is a must to ensure its success. Tournament volunteer opportunities will be managed with an on-line system and will be on a first-to-volunteer basis.

Volunteer to Club: In addition to the tournament volunteer opportunities, there are also opportunities to help with the 56ers Adult program, the tryouts, the annual golf outing, field maintenance, fundraising, and others. Please contact the club directly at 608-273-1956 if you are interested in volunteer opportunities and have any special skills that you’d like to use to benefit the club.

Volunteer to Team: There are also opportunities to volunteer your services for individual teams to earn credits. Typical jobs include team treasurer, hotel and travel coordinators, web page administrator, referee payer, photographer, and others. Managers will work with the Club’s volunteer coordinators to keep track of credits earned for these jobs.

Fee Payment and Scholarships

Families will be expected to pay fees on time. Scholarships are available and are based on financial need. (Tax forms and an application are required.) Scholarship families are not exempt from volunteer commitments. For further information, please contact the scholarship coordinator at Scholarships@madison56ers.org.

Additional Funds

Families are required to pay for coaches travel expenses to tournaments and games outside of Dane County and miscellaneous fees. UNIFORM COSTS ARE EXTRA and are paid directly to Stefan’s Soccer Supply. Uniforms need to be ordered quickly to ensure that they have arrived by the first competition dates. Please pay special attention to deadlines. Indoor league fees are additional as indoor league participation is optional.

Code of Conduct

Last but not least, parents should follow the Parent Code of Conduct and display positive attitudes at all times when on the sidelines or at other team functions. The players also have a Code of Conduct that must be signed and returned with deposits.

Coaching Philosophy

All programs and resources in the club are focused on player development and every member of the fully licensed coaching staff is totally committed to this long-term process. The depth of talent and experience of our coaching staff allows the Madison 56ers to provide a stable youth soccer career for players at all ages. All of the Madison 56ers coaches work together as a team and are excited to work with all the players and teams in the club. We work hard to develop and challenge all of our players to build a foundation for success in the sport in a family friendly, fun environment where the players are challenged and pushed hard while enjoying the development process. Madison 56ers coaches treat all the players with respect and allow the players to express themselves as athletes and people.

Our coaching staff helps youth players develop in 4 important areas:

Technical Ability

Individual technical ability is the most obvious and most important pre-requisite to play attractive soccer, and will be the focus of instruction for the first years in the program. Technical proficiency forms the basic building block for all other soccer learning.

Tactical Awareness and Sophistication

Technical ability alone does not constitute a skillful player. A skillful player must apply the correct technique under pressure, and in order to do this, must be able to read and understand the game. Players will be taught the principles of the game, and challenged to become more sophisticated in their tactical awareness and decision-making.

Psychological Characteristics

The importance of teamwork and personal responsibility, of perseverance and a strong work ethic, and of leadership and goal setting will be explored. The relationship between character and lifestyle choices to success and accomplishment will also be explained.

Fitness and Athleticism

Fitness and athletic training will be an important component of every age group’s training. All of this training will be sport-specific, and virtually none of it will be done without the ball. Agility, balance, and coordination training will be done even at the youngest ages, and acceleration and running technique will be trained continually throughout every player’s career. As athletes physically mature, strength and power training will also be introduced.

Cost for the 2020-21 Season

Red Teams: U13 and up

  •  Team Fee: $1690
  • Uniform Fee: $170
  • Total: $1860
  • Deposit: $400
  • Payment 1 (Due Aug 1): $730
  • Payment 2 (Due Sep 1): $730

Red Teams: U11 & 12; White Teams: U12 and up

  •  Team Fee: $1450
  • Uniform Fee: $170
  • Total: $1620
  • Deposit: $400
  • Payment 1 (Due Aug 1): $610
  • Payment 2 (Due Sep 1): $610

U19 Girls Red Team and all other teams

  •  Team Fee: $1350
  • Uniform Fee: $170
  • Total: $1540
  • Deposit: $400
  • Payment 1 (Due Aug 1): $570
  • Payment 2 (Due Sep 1): $570

Additional Fees (Collected by Team)

  •  Coaches travel expenses to tournaments and games outside of Dane County.
  •  Indoor/Futsal league fees.  Participation is optional.
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